RTU5024 GSM Gate Opener Relay Switch Remote Access Control Wireless Door Open Home Good Helper

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1. Applications:

> Remote open/close swing/sliding gates, doors,
shutters, garage doors,locks with a free call! > Residential: Door,gate,garage access control, electronic
fan,microwave,air-conditioner control. > Industry: Remote switch equipment, for example: street lights,
solar power, motor, inverter, PLC,pumps, fans, etc. > Agriculture: Remote control pumps, etc. > Business: Remote control electronic boxes,bright billboards,LED signs,etc.

2. How it works?

A) Wiring the RTU5024 Gate opener with your door locks or other machines. B) Insert SIM card to RTU5024 Gate Opener, Power up. C) Send few SMS commands to RTU5024 Gate opener, to assign the authorized user list. D) Make a phone call from the authorized user’s phone number, RTU5024 Gate Opener reject phone call and door open or close. For example,If you are using the RTU5024 GSM gate opener for open/close your garage door by your family memebers, what you need is just 2~5 SMS commands only.

Model :RTU5024
Founctions: Swing Gate, Sliding Door, Garage Door Locks
GSM Frequency:850/900/1800/1900MHz
Output Relay:NC/NO dry contact,3A/240VAC
Power Consumption:12V input Max.50Ma/Standby:15mA
SIM Card:Support 3V SIM Card
Antenna: 50 Ω SMA Antenna interface
Temperature range :-20~+60 °C
Humidity range:Relative humidity 90%

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