Nimbus Gold – 50GB (3 Years)

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  • Nimbus Software
  • 24/7 Support
  • Netsec Software
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During these uncertain times while do everything online we need someone to look after our data and years of hard work. So next time there is a thunder storm, earthquake, fire, theft etc. you are rest assured your data is safe and untouchable up in the sky.

• No hard work or hassle in selecting files for backing up.
• Highest level of encryption to make your every file secure automatically
• Completely automated backup every hour or as per choice. Change on documents
is captured automatically and even restore older version of the same document as
per date and time.
• Allows selected files to backup automatically with selected location restore
• Even works on low internet speed with ease
• Silently works at backend without any manual intervention
• Buy a new computer and clone files from old device to new device at same place in
just one click
• Find a particular file from multiple devices without logging into specific devices
• Remotely backup all your files from different devices at different location under
one cloud
• Remotely restore any files from cloud into a new device in any part of the world
you are traveling without carrying any device.
• No need to carry any cables, external hard drivers & USB. No chance of physical
damage and theft.


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