ESET Endpoint Protection for Business

Child-friendly internet security helps you keep your children safer online.

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Multi-layered technology far beyond basic antivirus.  The more multi-layered your security, the fewer incidents you’ll need to resolve

Network Attack Protection
Protects against vulnerabilities for which a patch has not yet been released or deployed.

Botnet Protection
Protects against infiltration by botnet malware – preventing spam and network attacks launched from the endpoint.

Exploit Blocker
New detection technology that strengthens protection against targeted attacks and previously unknown exploits – i.e. zero-day attacks.

World-class antivirus and antispyware
Eliminates all types of threats, including viruses, rootkits, worms and spyware with optional Cloud Malware Protection System.

Single console network security management

ESET protects all of the most-used operating systems with the same level of functionality, leaving no potential entry point to your network unprotected.

ESET’s powerful security management console gives you real-time information on the security state of your network, endpoints and mobile devices, including security and administration functionality that protects you against threats.

  • ESET Remote Administrator runs on both Windows and Linux system
  • Immediate response to possible incidents
  • Handle tens of thousands of clients while maintaining high-speed operation
  • Built-in Mobile Device Management component


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